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Alfa Romeo Duetto 1966 - 1970


Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider 1300, 1600, 1750

The Round-tail or Osso di Seppia Register 




When the first Spider, named the Duetto in a competition, was launched at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show, it attracted a mixed reception. BTW, Alfa Romeo never launched the Spider under this name, they only used Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider in the official sales material. The name Duetto was abandoned by Alfa, there was a biscuit! with the same name and Volvo had a delivery van with a similar name, the Duett in the 60's.



Many spectators felt that the Pininfarina-designed body missed the mark. But everybody agreed the new Alfa drove delightfully. Its 1,6-liter alloy engine and sharp handling were universally praised.



A year later in 1967, the Duetto became the legendary 1750 Spider Veloce, when it was given the 1779 cc engine used in the GTV and, in 1968, it was joined by the identical 1,3 liter 1300 Spider Junior. Round-tailed rear end of early Spiders considered by most to be the more desirable. Even with the optional hardtop fitted, the car still retains its elegant lines.


In 1970, both versions received a re-styled rump, the rounded attractive round-tail being replaced by a sharply cut off Kamm-tail.


Momo Vega for your Duetto



The Highwood Motor Company has commissioned a replica of the superb 1970s classic Momo Vega alloy wheel.


Small ring hubcaps are available again! They are used on Duetto, Giulia Sprint GT Veloce and Giulia saloon and have been unavailable for some time. The price is £32.50 (+15% VAT in E.U.) each





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 In stock, 2-speed wiper toggle. Please see model price list.


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